The Tracker Management Software currently tracks the movement of trucks from point A to point B, and the time stamps when those trucks were dispatched, en route, arrived on scene, hooked with vehicle, dropping at the impound facility and completed the call to its entirety. It logs the customer or agency (whether code enforcement or police department, etc) and the type of tow service requested (from a jump start to a flatbed tow or winching recovery).

Towing PlantationOnce the vehicle has been brought to our facility, our software helps us efficiently manage the date and time of day it entered the impound lot to the date and time that it leaves our facility and correctly bills the appropriate rate structure as required by that customer (city, state, or fleet). There are no handwritten invoices for vehicles brought to our facility. All invoices will be computer generated allowing for no handwritten mistakes or lack of legibility.

Our company has integrated with various other cities and municipalities as required by their contracts. We take pride in our technologically advanced administration department. As we strive to be completely paperless, our software system will be able to be accessed by your administration department or police department for real time information. This will prove to be a valuable tool and asset by simply minimizing phone calls and questions on a specific invoice or vehicle status.