A Superior Towing - FloridaAs a property owner, a management company, a homeowner or a condo association, you have the right to manage the parking on your property. If you are currently having issues with abandonment of vehicles, abuse of the designated parking areas or an infringement of your established guidelines for parking within your property, according to State Statute 715.07, you may have them removed at the owners expense.

We can help you facilitate a Tow Away Zone . It will require signage that reflects the policy of a Tow Away Zone. It requires one sign for every entrance; if the property is open, then it would require one sign for every twenty five feet. These signs must be light reflective just like a street sign and are erected with a steel pole.

Our best advice on parking enforcement is to create a deterrent. Some companies will make signs that are not noticeable so people will park in an area they believe is open to parking for everyone. This creates complaints. Our signs are highly visible. When the vehicle owner comes to retrieve his or her vehicle, we have a well lit, friendly environment so as to not make an uncomfortable situation even worse. If you scroll through our web site, you will find pictures of our facility and where we are located. If you would like more information or would like us to provide you with a free survey of your property, give one of our staff members a call.