Our facility is located within the Town of Davie at 2385 Southwest 66 Terrace Davie FL 33317. Our business runs twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, and three hundred and sixty five days a year.

Our fully functional two and a half acre facility is owned by Sean Loscalzo, the owner and president A Superior Towing Company Inc. This facility has outside storage areas to accommodate up to 300 vehicles.

Our facility has two buildings: one is thirteen thousand square foot warehouse exceeding the inside storage requirements. The second warehouse is a six thousand square foot building and is equipped with a 25,000 pound vehicle lift for investigative purposes. There are three evidentiary “hold” rooms within the two warehouses equipped with climate control air conditioning all year round and separate bathroom facilities for the police officers and investigative personnel. A portable cooling unit gives additional benefits for our law enforcement during the hottest part of the summer to remain cool in any part of our complex.

Our office facilities contain state of the art dispatching center capable of targeting the exact location and radio contact with all operators on the roadways twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. A 50KV generator services the entire complex with an alternate power source should there be any disruptions in power for any length of time. Our facility ran at full capacity after Hurricane Wilma in October of 2005 allowing us the ability to service all emergency services and law enforcement. Our company utilize Nextel Direct connect as a backup mode of communication as well as every operator having cell service for use by customers and clients. Our office facility is more than accommodating for use by law enforcement for investigational purposes including internet access, separate desks, and phones.

Our facility is clean and maintained with adequate parking for customers. Many visitors often comment on the extremely professional accommodations and organizational presence of the complex located within minutes of I-595, the Florida Turnpike, I-95 and I-75.

The entire impound lot is governed by a video surveillance system capable of storing data for approximately thirty days. Additionally, the lot is enclosed with an eight foot concrete wall and monitored with an audio alarm when someone is entering the facility. The entire complex is manned physically by our dispatch and managerial staff twenty four hours a day.