A Superior Towing Company Inc has a supervisor on every shift overseeing the issues at hand on a moment to moment basis. The supervisors conduct safety meetings on a bi-weekly basis as to inform operators of a safe working environment and discuss any concerns for safety issues. These supervisors ensure that all the customers we service are given the most honest and reliable service available. All managerial staff members are accustomed to cooperating with law enforcement and other officials to handle any special needs and requirements necessary to fulfill their needs. They are also trained in customer care and interpersonal communications to resolve customer concerns promptly and efficiently.





Sean Loscalzo

President & Owner

25 Yrs.

PWOF Certified Operator ABCD
Wreckmaster Level 2-3
TRAA Level 2
MOT Certified Work Zone
Rollover Vehicle for Emergency Response (ROVER)
Communications Project Management Certification
HazMat Certification
Ultra Heavy Duty Certified
Rotator Certifications



Susan Loscalzo

Vice-President & Owner 21 Yrs. Communications Project Management Certification
Senior Assistant for Special Projects
Vehicle Release Supervisor
Customer Relations Coordinator



Lori Brinkerhoff

Comptroller & Office Manager 19 Yrs. Notary Public
Communications Project Management Certification
Degree in Business Management
Degree in Managerial Accounting



Dan Bingel

Night Operations Manager / Dispatcher 25 Yrs. TRAA Certified 1 &2
PWOF Certified ABCD
Ultra Heavy Duty Certified
Rotator Certifications
Underwater Diver



Manny Diaz

Day Lead Dispatcher 10 Yrs. PWOF Certifications ABC
Tracker Management Systems