A Superior Towing - Incident Towing


An unplanned incident occurs without prior notice which can degrade safety and/or slow traffic flow which may include disabled vehicles, crashes, adverse weather conditions and debris on the road. Traffic incident management refers to the delivery of planning and executing prompt and safe clearing of the roadway so that traffic flow can resume as soon as possible.

A Superior Towing Company are experts in all areas of traffic incident management. We have the trained and qualified staff to respond to any situation and have the necessary equipment to get the job done right.

Towing PlantationMOT (Maintenance of Traffic) Support Unit

A Superior Towing can respond with a MOT support trailer to support any law enforcement agency with temporary lane or road closure due to a vehicle accident, disablement, or criminal activity. In the event of a major accident, a Police Department may be required to close a lane or direction of traffic for a long term investigation. This may tie up numerous units in support of traffic control.

The MOT Support Unit comes complete with a support truck, 60-90 traffic cones, four dozen roadside flares, and a trailer mounted directional arrow board. If we can free up even one of your officers from traffic control and enable them to be put back into service and back on normal patrol, we have provided a unique service to the area of jurisdiction and to the motoring public.

Bobcat Skid-Steer Support

A Superior Towing can also respond with quality Bobcat skid-steer support. These versatile machines take on tough jobs with powerful hydraulics and strong pushing and lifting power. We can take great pride in “cleaning up the mess” and opening the roadway as quickly as we can.

List Of Additional Recovery Equipment Supplied To Scenes For Support:

Towing Plantation   Recovery Air Bags Including All Hoses, Valve System, And Compressor
Towing Plantation   Generator
Towing Plantation   Tools
-  Chainsaws With Sharpeners
-  Chop Saw With Blades
-  Crow Bars
-  Brooms
-  Chains, Hooks, Binders, Cable Extensions And Straps Of Miscellaneous Styles And Sizes
-  Hatchet
-  Bolt Cutters
-  Jack
-  Diesel Pump
A Superior Towing-  Shovels
-  Tarps, Rags And Blankets
-  Extension Cords
-  Bungee Cords
-  Extension Ladder
-  Portable Table
-  Rope
-  Wrench, Vice Grips, Ratchets, and Hammers
Towing Plantation   Pallet Jack
Towing Plantation   Cleaning Supplies
-  Garbage Bags
-  Hand Cleaner
-  Speedy Dry
-  Alcohol
-  Brake Cleaner
-  Spray Paint
-  Zep
Towing Plantation   Spare Tires For Bobcat And Trailer
Towing Plantation   Safety Vests
Towing Plantation   Portable Gas, Diesel And Water Containers