Once a call for service is placed with A Superior Towing Company Inc, our dispatcher logs who is calling and the specific request for service. The information is immediately input into Tracker Management Dispatch determining the closest available truck with the most experienced operator for that call for service. After we determine where the need for service is and the severity of the need, the data is electronically sent via email to the operator’s mobile device or via two way radio communication.

The tow operator then safely responds to that location. He places his vehicle in a safe manner as far off the roadway as possible. Before stepping out of his truck or service vehicle, the driver will notify dispatch of his arrival at the scene. When he steps out into the street, he is in a high visibility uniform allowing approaching motorists to clearly see him, and place safety cones for directing oncoming motorists away from his vehicle. He then reports to the police officer in charge of the scene to inquire what services are needed. At the time it is determined the vehicle will be impounded, a tow inventory sheet is filled out and signed by the police officer and the tow operator. Both the police officer in charge and the tow truck operator notate any damages on the vehicle being towed and any personal items within that vehicle. Then the towing operator requests permission to clean the street and if necessary to open up lanes so that passing motorists have the ability to pass safely or just load a vehicle that has broken down.

Once the vehicle has been loaded on the tow truck and properly secured for transport and the scene has been cleaned of all glass and debris, the driver will then report back to the police officer in charge to request permission to leave the scene. At this time, the tow truck operator will safely pick up all cones and begin transporting the vehicle to our facility located in the Town of Davie or to the customers requested location. The driver will also notify dispatch of his departure.